Transport & Environment

As a worldwide economic actor in the fields of transport, shipping and logistics solutions it is our corporate and social responsibility to place emphasis on ecologically oriented logistics in terms of protection of our environment. In times of increasing energy prices and lack of resources it is important to choose environmentally friendly transport facilities.

We consider it a must to be ecologically aware when using our logistic resources and we optimise our internal processes according to ecological, economic and social aspects. Therefore, we strive to provide ecological and economic routes in order to avoid additional or empty mileage. With the use of biodegradable packing material and the use of industrial truck with low pollutant emission as well as technical building improvement, our warehouse logistics meet environmentally important requirements.

A constant optimisation of our networks and the implementation of innovative transport solutions are crucial components to bringing efficient logistics concepts in accordance with environmental sustainability.

At the same time our central position within the supply chain allows us to give new impetus to other industries in terms of resource and climate-friendly economic activity. Sustainability will not be a short-term trend but a key competitive factor in the long run.